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What Nats is...

We start up to change the social structure, such as industry and organization, in order to continue development even under rapid population decline.

Through the talents and technologies of the world, we will continue to contribute to society by solving various problems caused by population dynamics.

Our Value

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Business Field

Our business field is the entire ecosystem related to "Sales & HR".

As the market's ecosystem related to this field is in its early days and there are a lot of old-fashioned business practices and small and medium enterprises, the efficiency of the whole ecosystem is not realized enough and big business opportunities exist.

Problems under the decline in population In order for Japan in developed countries to survive, it is urgently needed to improve not only the problems in the field but also the expansion of labor productivity and technological capabilities that must be resolved.

For the Future

We use a variety of technology-based business models to maximize any management function of the business, and a society where the ecosystem involving global talents and surrounding Japanese organizations is functioning more efficiently aims to achieve.


Joint the world!

Recruitment support for global IT engineers

28% performance-based recruitment support for startups and ventures. We support appropriate recruitment depending on the organizational situation and support to education and training.

Knowledge sharing and study sessions to work with excellent foreigners

Held almost every month

Career with Nats

Company of business scientists challenging for the world

We are always looking for new member who want to make business together and grow themselves.

While solving social issues as a company, creating human resources from Japan that will be active in the world in the future is also regarded as another important significance of our existence.

In order to learn something is not a good way to more than to experience it yourself.Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein



<Company Name>
Nats & Co., Inc.

Aug, 2018 


〒101-0047 2F-11, Yamada Bld., 2-8-4, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0047, Japan

<Founder & CEO>
Takuya Ishizuka

<Business Purpose>
Hiring support, Team building consult, Developing web application and software, Event planning and management

<Partnering Bank>

Charged employment placement services